Required Browsers

Required Browsers

We are doing our best to ensure that our Web site works with most of our clients’ preferred technologies. We are also closely monitoring developments in the browsers used by our clientele. Some browsers do not work with the latest Internet updates, and so certain functions may not be accessible.

Browsers and minimum versions required and devices supported



  • Internet Explorer - Version 11 
  • Edge - Version 41
  • Chrome - Version 69
  • Firefox - Version 62


  • Safari - Version 12
  • Chrome - Version 69
  • Firefox - Version 62


  • Firefox - Version 45

Mobile devices

iOS (iPhone, iPad):

  • Safari - Version 11
  • Chrome - Version 69


  • Chrome - Version 69

Recommended plug-ins

To view documents, download Adobe Reader free of charge.

Browser parameters

To be able to use the CCQ Web site properly, your browser must accept cookies and the JavaScript programming language must be activated.


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