Financial Support

Financial Support

Whether it is a training requirement or upgrading related to their trade or occupation, workers in the construction industry who meet the general eligibility criteria may take advantage of financial support offered by the Fonds de formation des salariés de l’industrie de la construction (FFSIC). 

Important – Rate change since March 29, 2020

Starting with the April 2020 monthly report – that is, the period beginning March 29, 2020 – the contribution to the Training Fund for Employees in the Construction Industry will once again be set at $0.20 per hour worked, marking the end of the temporary five-year period during which the rate was $0.15 per hour worked, as provided in section 5 of the Regulation Respecting the Training Fund for Employees in the Construction Industry. 

Eligible costs

For training activities listed in the Répertoire des activités de perfectionnement de l’industrie de la construction, there is no registration fee (with few exceptions) and workers will automatically receive the incentives to which they are entitled. It is not necessary to apply for reimbursement.

Financial support may also be paid to workers who are taking training that is not listed in the Répertoire des activités de perfectionnement de l’industrie de la construction. These workers must fill out an application for reimbursement of training costs incurred by a worker.

Eligible employers may be reimbursed for costs incurred for training taken by their employees. They must fill out an application for reimbursement of employee training costs. Employers may also take advantage of the training services for companies offered by the CCQ.

Travel and lodging costs

Each case is analyzed individually. A number of factors are taken into account to calculate the amount to which a worker is entitled, including:

  • The overlapping or continuity of courses taken
  • The distance of the training chosen in relation to the participant’s region of residence
  • The possibility that the same course can be taken in a region closer to the participant’s residence
The distance to be travelled between the worker’s residential address and the training site is established according to theshortest route. If there is a dispute with regard to calculation of the kilometrage, the software stipulated in the industry’s collective agreements will be used as the reference to determine the shortest route. Note that the software’s default parameters will then be applied.

Perfect attendance for each day or evening of training is an essential condition for obtaining reimbursement of these costs.


Consult the Tableau des mesures incitatives du Fonds de formation des salariés de l'industrie de la construction (in French only) to find out all the terms. 

Advance of funds

An advance of funds may be granted to people whose training is full time and spread over several weeks. The advance of funds corresponds to advance payments for travel and lodging costs for the first week of training. Therefore, the first reimbursement will be made during the third week of training for people using this provision.

Candidates must apply, two weeks before training starts, to the Info-perfectionnement line at 1 888 902-2222. An authorization must be signed allowing the CCQ to recover the funds overpaid from the person’s vacation pay if the person is absent from or does not participate in the training activity.


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