Keeping a register of daily activities and pay

Keeping a register of daily activities and pay

Every employer must ensure that all information related to their own and their employees’ daily construction activities is recorded. The activity register is different from the monthly report. 

Employers must keep a register of daily activities containing all of the information required under the regulation (below). Employers must keep a copy of the register for a period of six years following the last year to which this information relates.

This obligation puts no additional administrative burden on companies. In fact, the period for keeping these documents is the same as the period required by Revenu Québec.

The register must be made available to the CCQ, as requested at any reasonable time, and the CCQ may make copies of it.

Under Section 8 of the Regulation respecting the register, monthly report, notices from employers and the designation of a representative, an employer’s register must contain the following information for each of the employees and for the employer*:

Information usually contained on time sheets or cards
  • Last name, first name, address, and social insurance number of your employees
  • Name of the trade, occupation or specialty and the apprenticeship period of your employees
  • The exact times at which the work begins, is interrupted, and ends, the hours of work paid at the regular rate, time and a half, and double time for each day of work, each job site and each client that the employer has a contract with
  • Nature of the work, type of job site and job site address
Information usually contained in the payroll book
  • Wages paid, the date and the method of
  • Allowances payable for paid vacations and statutory holidays
  • Contributions and deductions for the CCQ levy (fee)
  • Contributions deducted from wages and paid by the employer to the social benefits plan
  • Union dues deducted
Information - Other
  • Employer’s licence number under the Building Act
As long as the register is available upon request by the CCQ and is in an electronic or other readable format, the employer register may take the form the employer wishes and may contain multiple sources of accounting information, whether online or in paper or electronic form. 

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