Social Benefits
MÉDIC Construction
Social Benefits
The Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) administers the complementary social benefits plans, which are notable for their diversity and variety in light of the needs of the clientele, and also for the innovative health programs that they offer.

The pension and insurance plans in the construction industry were created in 1963. They are private plans funded entirely by people practising an occupation or trade and by employers. They are universal in scope, since the employer and union associations determine the contributions as part of the process of negotiating the collective agreements in the construction industry. This universality enables people who are insured to maintain their coverage even if they change employer or work region. 

These plans also provide the possibility of concluding reciprocity agreements for workers from outside the province who come to work in Québec and for Québec workers who are called upon to work outside the province.

These plans have been developed by the employer and union associations working closely together. This has made it possible to create plans adapted to the needs of the industry, and they are continually being adjusted to the needs of the sector and to social realities.


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