New rates for concrete pump operators starting January 30, 2022 (IC and I sectors)

Starting January 30, 2022, new wage rates for concrete pump operators in the institutional and commercial and industrial sectors will come into force – that is, starting with the February 2022 monthly report.

Specifically,code 253 (concrete pump operator [mast 40 metres and over]) and code 259 (concrete pump operator [mast 58 metres and over]) are added to code 255 (concrete pump operator [mast 42 metres and over]) and code 257 (concrete pump operator [mast under 42 metres]).

It should be noted that when the collective agreements were signed in July 2021, the employer and union parties in the IC and I sectors set out new wage rates for concrete pump operators in relation to the length of the distribution mast.


The new rates are not applicable to the other sectors of the construction industry. In the civil engineering and roadwork sector, wage premiums have been in force since July 16, 2021, and no new modifications were made in the residential sector.

For more information concerning the new wage rates and their entering into force, clients may contact their associations.


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