Guidance services for inclusion of women (discrimination, harassment, etc.)

Guidance services for inclusion of women (discrimination, harassment, etc.)

Guidance services

Information and Guidance Service for the Inclusion of Women in the Construction Industry

The CCQ offers a personalized information and guidance service to women and to people wishing to support the integration of women. Through this service you can:

  • Find out about access measures and job retention in the industry 
  • Identify resources to maximize women’s employability
  • Report on a specific situation in order to improve gender diversity on construction sites, good ideas, and promising practices

To use this service, contact the CCQ’s Customer service 

Info-resources Discrimination, Intimidation, Harassment

This confidential service is for victims of or witnesses to discrimination, intimidation, harassment, violence, and other situations involving an unhealthy work environment. 

The service provide information on possible recourses and provides direction to recourses according to the needed. 

Info-resources Discrimination, Intimidation, Harassment
Confidential service
1 833 333-8003
[email protected]

Know your rights

The law is there to protect you. You have the right to a healthy work environment without violence, harassment, or discrimination. Read the section “Know your rights” to find out about legal recourses to deal with situations of discrimination, intimidation, harassment, etc. 

Adequate sanitary facilities on sites: Did you know that since June 2015, the Safety Code for the construction industry was amended to ensure that sanitary facilities are installed on all construction sites in Québec? For more information about the different terms, visit the CNESST Website or contact your union association.

Supplementary ressources

Different supplementary resources are available to the industry as a whole to foster and to maintain a healthy, inclusive work environment:

  • Construire en santé
    The Construire en santé program offers people insured by MÉDIC Construction, the industry’s insurance plan, a variety of services aimed at resolving physical or psychological issues. Insured people who wish to obtain psychological or physical support can contact a nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1 800 807-2433. The nurse will assess their situation and direct them to resources that can help them.
  • Conjugal, family, or sexual violence
    To learn about the obligations and responsibilities of employers and workers regarding conjugal, family, or sexual violence, consult the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST).
  • Victims of sexual violence

    All actions and forms of violence, physical or psychological, that manifest in a sexual manner, including sexual assault, are criminal. Sexual harassment can also be criminal. 

    If an individual is a victim of a sexual assault, whether in the workplace or elsewhere, it is important to:

    • Notify the police
    • Go as quickly as possible to the emergency room of a hospital to obtain the treatment required, if necessary
    • Go to a designated centre and ask for a forensic kit 

    An individual who is a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace has legal recourses that vary according to:

    • The employment status: manager, employee, unionized or not
    • The employment status of the person who did the harassing: superior or colleague, third party in the workplace 
    • The remedial measures sought

    There are many resources that can help. Notably, consult the section “Know your rights” and the website


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