Workforce Changes

Workforce Changes

In the construction industry, workers are constantly on the move from one construction site to other and also, sometimes, from one employer to another. So that the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) can better keep track of this workforce mobility, employers have a legal obligation to notify it of workforce movements that take place on their sites.

By declaring their workforce movements, employers make it possible for the CCQ to ensure better management of workforce pools and shortages, as well as a high-quality worker referral service.

Notice of hiring and termination

Employers have the responsibility of declaring all hirings, terminations, layoffs, or departures of their employees within 48 hours. The CCQ then issues them a confirmation number for each notice of hiring or termination that it receives.

As of September 9, 2013, only the CCQ’s online services can be used to transmit notices of hiring or termination.

When an apprentice competency certificate (ACC) along with a job guarantee or an exemption is issued, a hiring number is automatically generated and sent by mail to the employer, and a hiring notice is therefore unnecessary.

When is the employment link broken?

A number of employers are wondering when they should send a notice of termination of employment to the CCQ. Here is the answer to that question. Employers must decide whether the employment relationship between them and a particular worker is broken, whether they wish to terminate this employment relationship or not, even if the employee is temporarily absent. For instance, during the annual vacations, a paternity leave, an absence due to a job-related accident, or a sick leave, this employment relationship is maintained if the employer and the employee do not intend, on this occasion, to terminate the employment relationship between them. Under these circumstances, the employer should not send a notice of termination of employment.


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