Filing a grievance against your employer

Filing a grievance against your employer

You can file a grievance against your employer in a number of situations. For example, your employer does not intervene in a situation involving harassment, or the employer treats you differently because of your union membership.

Your union can help you with this procedure.

Who may file a grievance?

You can file a grievance by yourself. Consult your collective agreement to learn about the procedure.

Your union representative or your job-site steward can also file a grievance for you or accompany you in the process.

How and when to file a grievance?

Your grievance must be sent in writing to your employer and the head office of the latter’s employers association within 15 working days following the event on which you complaint is based. So be sure to contact your union representative or your job-site steward as soon as possible.

If the grievance concerns a situation of harassment, however, please note that the grievance must be submitted within a maximum of two years after the last time this behaviour occurred.

You can contact your union for more information on the procedure to follow for filing a grievance.

Effects of a grievance

An arbitrator will hear your grievance and render a decision.

The arbitrator can, for example:

  • Impose measures to put an end to the problem behaviour.
  • Determine a compensation amount that you are entitled to (reimbursement of wages or other amounts).
  • Order your reinstatement with full rights as stipulated in your collective agreement.

You have the right to file a grievance

If you believe that you have been punished or penalized for filing a grievance, contact your union.


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