Calculating the Pension

The more hours and contributions that an employee accumulates in the pension plan, the higher the pension will be. It is therefore important that employees ensure that all of their hours worked are recorded with the CCQ. To do this, employees may verify the information on the Annual Pension Statement. The hours worked are also shown on the Vacation and Statutory Holiday Statements sent twice a year with the vacation cheques.

Due to the modifications made to the plan following the deficit, the pension calculation for hours worked before 2005 is different from the calculation for hours worked after 2005.

For hours worked before 2005, the pension is composed of the following three elements:

Pension from the General Account  

Pension supplement from the General Account 

Pension from the Complementary Account 
(if the employee contributed)
 =    Total pension payable

For hours worked since 2005, the pension is composed of a single element:

Pension from the Complementary Account  = Total pension payable


All of these amounts appear in the statement of benefits on the Application for Pension Benefit form which you receive following your Application for Retirement.

The rules for pension eligibility and the pension options also affect the pension amount payable to employees.