Application of the collective agreements

The Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) sees to the uniform, judicious, objective, diligent, and respectful application of the collective agreements and Act R-20. It therefore responds to numerous requests for information and interventions that come to it daily.

The issues dealt with concern compliance of construction work and provisions of the collective agreements. The CCQ’s ultimate objective is prevention of misunderstandings and harmonious application of the Act and the collective agreements in order to avoid recourse to the courts.

For instance, when large-scale construction sites are going to start up, the CCQ comes into play to determine the working conditions and have them recognized by the interested parties (work providers, employers, and unions). In these meetings, all issues are identified or prevented and solutions are found. The same thing is true for any major conflict that may be anticipated or may arise once the site is underway.

If a difficulty arises concerning interpretation of a clause in a collective agreement, the union and employer parties may appeal to the procecure for resolution of interpretation grievances provided in the agreements.

With regard to applying the collective agreements, the CCQ is also called upon to: