MÉDIC Construction

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MÉDIC Construction is a private insurance plan reserved exclusively for members of the construction industry; it is funded entirely by the construction industry. This insurance plan is universal for two reasons:

This universality enables workers to preserve their rights even when they change employers or work regions.

The MÉDIC Construction insurance plan offers coverage:

  • For health insurance (medications, hospitalization, dental care, etc.)
  • For salary insurance (in case of disability)
  • For life and accidental mutilation insurance

This coverage is determined by the industry's union and employer associations. MÉDIC Construction is administered by the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ).

Workers and retirees in the construction industry may be covered by MÉDIC Construction's basic insurance plans or the retirees' insurance plan if they meet certain conditions. Some trades have supplementary insurance plans offering additional coverage to that in the basic plans. MÉDIC Construction provides family insurance coverage - that is, dependents of insureds may also receive certain coverage.

Those insured by MÉDIC construction also profit from a health-promotion and -management program, CONSTRUIRE en santé. This program gives them access to professional services related to physical and mental health.

The MÉDIC Construction card confirms the insurance plan under which the worker or retiree is covered. It also permits the holder to use direct payment for certain medical and dental expenses.

For the insurance period of July to December 2018, more than 134,000 people were insured. When dependents are taken into account, MÉDIC Construction covers about 300,000 individuals.

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