Life and Accidental Mutilation Insurance

The insurance plans provide for payment of life insurance benefits if a worker or one of his or her dependents dies. As the insured individual, you can designate the beneficiary for your lifne insurance to the CCQ by filling out the form Beneficiary Designation and Revocation (Life insurance only). 

The CCQ's Customer Services must be notified of the death of an insured person, a spouse or a dependent child in order to determine if a benefit payable. A benefit from pension plan could also be payable when an employee, a retiree or a spouse dies.

Benefits may also be paid following an accidental mutilation – that is, loss of a limb or certain faculties due to an accident. This coverage is offered to the worker only, not to dependents.

Specific conditions, limitations, and exclusions other than those mentioned above may apply; only the Règlement sur les régimes complémentaires d'avantages sociaux dans l'industrie de la construction has legal value. The clauses that apply are those in force at the time of the event.

A worker who feels that he or she has the right to benefit different from that granted by the Commission de la construction du Québec, may contest this decision. To do this, he or she must contact Customer Services, which will send him or her the appropriate form.

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