Prolongation of Insurance

The insurance coverage of workers insured under plan A, B, C, or D (basic or a supplementary) may not be reduced during the period that they are receiving hour credits. If the total of a worker’s hours worked, hour credits, and hours in reserve are not enough to preserve the coverage that the worker had at the beginning of the disability, this coverage is prolonged under certain conditions.

Example: A worker is insured by plan B from January to June and receives hour credits for disability from May to December. Suppose that, for the insurance period from July to December, the hours recorded in his file allow him to obtain only plan C coverage. This worker will benefit from a prolongation of the plan B coverage that he had when his disability began as long as he continues to receive hour credits. During the period during which he receives hour credits, his insurance will be maintained under plan B.

Beginning of maintenance of insurance

Maintenance of insurance begins on the first day of the insurance period during which the worker’s hour reserve does not permit him or her to preserve the insurance coverage that he or she had at the beginning of the disability; it is thus always a January 1 or a July 1.

The worker is notified by letter of the beginning of the insurance prolongation when he or she benefits from it. However, the worker does not receive a MÉDIC Construction card indicating which insurance plan is maintained.

Insurance prolongation applies only when hour credits have been granted. If the worker makes a claim (following purchase of medication, glasses, etc.) before the application for hour credits is processed, insurance prolongation is apply retroactively; the claim is automatically recalculated and, if applicable, an additional reimbursement cheque is mailed to him.

End of maintenance of insurance

The insurance prolongation ends on the first of the following dates:
  • The day on which the worker ceases being eligible to receive hour credits;
  • The day the worker dies.

Specific conditions, limitations, and exclusions other than those mentioned above may apply; only the Règlement sur les régimes complémentaires d'avantages sociaux dans l'industrie de la construction has legal value.

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