MÉDIC Construction Card

The MÉDIC Construction card is the document that confirms that the worker or retiree is insured; it also indicates the period of coverage.

Since there are two insurance periods per year, the card is issued to insureds twice a year: in June for the period from July to December and in December for the period from January to June.

The MÉDIC Construction card also enables insureds and their dependents to benefit from:

“Direct payment” means that MÉDIC Construction pays directly the pharmacist, dentist, or hospital the reimbursable costs depending on the insurance coverage that the worker has. Therefore, the insured does not have to pay all of his or her costs and wait for reimbursement, but pays only the portion that is not covered.

If the insured’s spouse is recognized by MÉDIC Construction, his or her name is recorded on the MÉDIC Construction card. A card is also produced for that person. No card is produced for dependent children. However, insureds may use their own card if a dependent child must be hospitalized, for purchasing medications for that child, or when the child receives dental care covered by the insured’s plan.

If you lose your MÉDIC Construction card

Insureds who lose their MÉDIC Construction card must inform the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ). A replacement card will be issued and the lost card cancelled.

When your MÉDIC Construction card expires

Workers or retirees with a MÉDIC Construction card have confirmation that they are insured during the period indicated on the card. Worker or retiree who has not received a new card by the end of June or December, or a notice informing him or her that he or she is not insured for the next period, must contact the CCQ to clarify the situation.

If you move

Workers and retirees must notify the CCQ of any change of address in order to receive their new MÉDIC Construction card when it must be replaced.