Description of the Card

Carte MÉDIC Construction 

The MÉDIC construction card is available only in French.

1. Plan

Indicates the insurance plan held by the worker or retiree.

  • Plan A offers the most complete insurance coverage;
  • Plan D offers minimal insurance coverage;
  • Plans B and C provide insurance coverage of differing levels between A and D;
  • Plan Z covers medications only;
  • The insurance plan for retirees is identified as R1, R2, or R3;
  • If the letter indicating the plan (A, B, C, D or R) is followed by the name of a trade, occupation, or specialty, this means that the worker or retiree is covered by the supplementary insurance plan of this group of workers.

2. Insurance period

Indicates the period during which the worker or retiree is insured. In the case illustrated, the worker is insured from July 1 to December 31, 2018.

3. Hour Reserve

The number of hours accumulated in the worker’s or retiree’s reserve on the last day of the reference period is given on his or her card. It is important to note that this number may change after the date on the card, as there may be upward or downward modifications to the hour reserve.

4. Coverage

The main coverage for workers and their dependents is written on their MÉDIC Construction cards.

Some coverage is provided only to insureds, while other coverage is offered to insureds and their dependents. The Bulletin MÉDIC Construction supplies more information on the coverage offered by each of the insurance plans.

The deductible and the percentage of co-insurance applying to the purchase of medications are indicated in this section; it should be noted that the percentage of co-insurance is the portion of the cost of medication paid by the insured.

Also indicated in this section is whether the insured and his or her dependents are covered if there is a medical emergency abroad.

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