Financial support and recognition

Talons hauts et bottes d’acier scholarships

The Table de concertation lavalloise pour l’emploi des femmes dans les métiers non traditionnels has instituted a scholarship program aimed at increasing the number of women in traditionally male programs offered by the Commission scolaire de Laval and Collège Montmorency.

Scholarships of $500 will be awarded to women based on analysis of their application. For more details, consult the Commission scolaire de Laval website.

Consult the financial support programs for the workforce as a whole. 

Chapeau, les filles! competition

The Chapeau, les filles! competition highlights the drive and the work of women registered in a vocational or technical training program leading to the practice of a traditionally male trade. They are invited to draw attention to their motivations and their future projects.

To obtain more information and find out the competition terms, consult the website of the Chapeau, les filles! competition.

Elles reconnaissent awards

The organization Les Elles de la construction has created the Elles reconnaissent awards in order to underline the outstanding contributions of men, women, companies, associations, agencies, and unions in the construction sector to the advancement of women in construction.

For more details concerning the categories, eligibility criteria, and important dates to remember, consult the website for the awards.