The competency of the construction industry’s labour force is very important. The sophistication of technologies and the competitiveness of markets are forcing employers to look constantly for more qualified workers. Faced with the increasing complexity of tasks to perform, workers are being forced to maintain, and even improve, their skills to ensure their employability.

Every year, the Fiers et compétents campaign promotes the upgrading of workers in the construction industry. To find out more, consult our Web site and subscribe to our Facebook page to obtain information on training courses and the industry.

It is in this context that the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) is working on skill development for the labour force in the construction industry, in collaboration with employer and union representatives. Workers who are eligible may register voluntarily for upgrading activities responding to various training needs regarding their trade or occupation.

The list of upgrading activities offered by the CCQ is available through the Répertoire des activités de perfectionnement dans l'industrie de la construction. The simplest way to register is to use the CCQ’s online services. It is also possible to register via the Info-perfectionnement line by calling 1 888 902-2222.

For the Nunavik region, click here.

Interpreter services for the hard of hearing

To obtain the services of an interpreter for the hard of hearing for an upgrading activity offered by the CCQ, employees who are hard of hearing must be eligible for the Fonds de formation des salariés de l’industrie de la construction (FFSIC). These employees may then use the services of an interpreter following a needs analysis. For more information, participants must make a request through the Info-perfectionnement line by calling 1 888 902-2222.

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