The construction industry

The construction industry is an important sector in Quebec. This is true from both the economic and the job-creation standpoints. In fact, annual investments were close to $45,4 billion in 2014, or 12% of Québec’s GDP. In addition, an average of 255,600 direct jobs are generated per month, or one job out of 20 in Québec, as well as thousands of jobs in other sectors.

This economic activity requires the contribution of many individuals and companies, including architects, engineers, suppliers of materials, workers, and contractors. Together, they form the teams that build bridges, houses, schools, factories, and businesses.

A number of specific characteristics set the construction industry apart from other sectors: economic fluctuations, high labour mobility, and the lack of a permanent employment relationship between companies and workers. These are some of the reasons that a statute exclusive to the industry, the Act Respecting Labour Relations, Vocational Training, and Manpower Management in the Construction Industry (Act R-20), was enacted in 1968.

The labour relations system specific to the sector and covered by this statute define the framework for negotiation of the collective agreements and for representation by the employer and union parties.

The achievements of the construction industry are part of the daily life of all of us, and they have always been. They mark our history, improve our life today, and are an integral part of our dreams for the future.

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