Measures instituted in case of a work stoppage at Canada Post

Because of the possible interruptions of mail service by Canada Post, regular activities of the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) will see slowdowns; however, high-priority services will be maintained.

You must take the means necessary to meet your obligations

Even if mail service is disrupted, you are responsible for fulfilling your obligations regarding the CCQ set out in the Act and the regulations. These may include, for example, payments and documents to supply. You must therefore use an alternative means to fulfil these obligations.

Receive disbursements through direct deposit

Register now, through the online services, for direct deposit to avoid delays caused by interruptions of  Canada Post services. The following payments can be made directly into your bank account: paid vacations, reimbursements of health insurance claims, salary insurance benefits, and monthly retirement pensions. 

Exceptional measures for maintaining high-priority services

The CCQ would like to reassure its clientele that if there is a complete interruption of services, it will take the measures required to send and receive the documents necessary for services deemed high priority.

These are the services that apply to workers:

High-priority service

Measure instituted, in case of complete interruption of services

Cheques to the clientele The following cheques will be sent to the clientele by private courier during the interruption of Post Canada service: 
  • Monthly retirement pensions 
  • Reissued vacation cheques
  • Incentives following a training course

*All vacation and pension cheques were mailed out on June 23 and should have been delivered. If you need to have your cheque reissued, please contact Customer Services

All other cheques will be held back until postal service is re-established, including reimbursements of insurance claims.

To avoid any delays in payment of paid vacations, health insurance, salary insurance, and monthly retirement pensions, register for direct deposit through the online services.

Competency certificate

To obtain your competency certificate, use an alternative means to send the required documents to the CCQ.

Your competency certificate is valid and enables you to work as long as you have fulfilled the issuance conditions, even if the paper document is not yet in your possession. The CCQ will therefore wait until postal service starts again before sending the printed copy of your issued or renewed competency certificate.

You can confirm the validity of your competency certificate through the online services. To register, go to sel.ccq.org.


Admission to a qualification exam

The required form must be sent:

  • By courier (UPS, Purolator, Federal Express, etc.) to the address of your regional office 
  • By taking it to one of our regional offices
  • Par fax (if the application is not many pages)
  • In the online services (if the application is not many pages)
Change of address

For a change of home address without change of region or for a change of mailing address, please go directly to the online services or fill out the form available online and send it by fax to the fax number given on the form.

For a change of home address with change of region, use a moyen alternatif to send your proofs of residence.

Alternative means

Here are the alternative means for sending information or documents – salary complaints, registrations for qualification exams, etc. – during the Canada Post service disruption:

The CCQ is assessing the situation from day to day and may institute new measures. To stay informed, please consult our website regularly.

Is your situation unusual or your request urgent?

If your file requires special treatment or you have an urgent request to make, please contact our Customer Services.

Make use of the online services

The CCQ invites you to consult your file through the online services at sel.ccq.org

Online services for workers
Payment linked to an insurability notice Filling out or changing your Professional Profile (worker referrals)
Register and/or modify an authorization Consulting your requests for reimbursements
Register for an upgrading course Change of mailing address
Consult your apprenticeship record book Register for direct deposit

To register for the online services, go to sel.ccq.org. For any urgent question, contact Customer Services at 1 888 842-8282.

To find out about the alternative measures offered to employers