Bidding on a public contract

As of June 1, 2010, any firm that wants to bid on a call for tenders or sign a contract by mutual agreement worth $25,000 or over with a government department or public body, the healthcare and social services network, or the education system, must send a certificate from the Ministère du Revenu (CMR).

Conditions for issuing the CMR

To obtain a certificate, the firm must: 

  • Produce statements and returns for income tax, taxes, and deductions at source required under Quebec fiscal law
  • Pay all amounts due to Revenu Québec. If the firm has an overdue account, it must conclude and respect a payment agreement or the collection of its debts must have been legally suspended.

How it works

The firm must attach the certificate to its bid and then transmit the documents to the public body if it is a call for tenders, or before the signing of a contract by mutual agreement.

The certificate must have been issued within 90 days preceding the deadline for receipt of tenders or the contract signature date.

Public work providers may check whether a certificate has been issued to a firm.

How to obtain the CMR

You may obtain a certificate through the Clic Revenu-Entreprises on-line service.

To do this, you must first register with Clic Revenu. You gain access to Clic Revenu through the Government of Québec’s authentication service, clicSÉQUR. To register, you must:

  • Be the firm’s authorized representative
  • Have at hand the firm’s identification number (10-figure number that was assigned to you when you registered with Revenu Québec).

When you register your firm with clicSÉQUR, you will receive a code and password that you will need to access Clic Revenu-Entreprises.

If you have difficulty, you may contact the technical assistance service at Revenu Québec by calling 1 866 423-3234.

Accès Construction

This new measure results from the partnership established to form the ACCES construction committee. ACCES construction was instituted to bring together various bodies concerned with under-the-table work and tax evasion in the construction sector to work collaboratively, discuss the main problems, and find solutions.

ACCES construction is composed of Revenu Québec, the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST), the Directeur des poursuites pénales et criminelles (DPCP), the Ministère des Finances, the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ), and the Commission de la construction (CCQ).

Telephone access

To obtain your certificate by mail or in person, contact Revenu Québec by telephone at 418 577-0444 (Québec City region) or 1 800 646-2644 (toll-free).