Publication of a new statistical tool to monitor women’s and men’s careers in the construction industry

January 26, 2016

In the context of the Programme d’accès à l’égalité des femmes dans l’industrie de la construction (PAEF), a program aiming for equality of women in the construction industry, the CCQ has developed a new tool to keep track of the situation of women and men in each of the construction trades and specialized occupations. This tool is in the form of statistical files providing a detailed portrait of workers’ careers, from graduation to obtaining the status of journeyman. These files also make available complementary data that can broaden the portrait beyond construction covered under Act R-20.

The publication of this new tool will be useful both to the CCQ and to public agencies, training centres, the employer and union associations, and employability and research groups. Taking the approach of sex-differentiated analysis, this tool may support the orientation of actions favouring a greater presence of women on construction sites. Beyond the PAEF context, these files offer a range of information that can be of use to the industry as a whole by making available data on the specifics of each trade and specialized occupation.

This new tool makes it possible to refine the view of the situation and to act to make a difference in order to make construction a valued and sustainable path to the future for women and men.

Consult Fiches statistiques par métier et occupation spécialisée dans la construction : Portrait du parcours des femmes et des hommes.