2016 union election: official results now available

August 17, 2016

You can now consult the representativeness of each of the union associations, which will come into force on September 1. These results were recorded following the construction industry’s 14th union election, which took place June 1–20.

About the 2016 union election

A total of 175,545 workers were asked to choose their union allegiance, which will be in force for the next four years.

Of this number, 109,462 individuals were considered to have the “voter” status. This means that their vote was used to calculate union representativeness.

Ultimately, 32 629 ballots were counted. It should be noted that workers who did not exercise their right to vote had their union allegiance that was in force at the time of the vote automatically renewed for the next four years. This is what is called “presumption of allegiance.”