2016 Action Plan Regarding People with Handicaps

June 9, 2016

In April 2016, the board of directors of the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) adopted its annual action plan regarding people with handicaps. The action plan is established in compliance with the Act to Secure Handicapped Persons in the Exercise of Their Rights with a View to Achieving Social, School and Workplace Integration.

The action plan helps to promote a society that is more inclusive and respectful of the needs of people with handicaps and their families. It makes it possible to determine and eliminate barriers encountered by people with handicaps who work at the CCQ and by the clientele making use of its services.

Groups targeted by the measures in this plan are:

    • The industry’s employers and workers
    • The industry’s annuitants
    • Citizens seeking information on the industry or on the CCQ’s services
    • The CCQ’s employees

The different measures are divided into four areas:

    • Hiring, training, and awareness raising of personnel
    • Integration of employees with a handicap
    • Accessibility to the CCQ’s premises and buildings
    • Accessibility to the products and services offered to the clientele

A positive assessment of 2015

The action plan has a positive assessment of the measures in 2015, as 80% of the actions listed last year were achieved. An evaluation by the organization Altergo of the accessibility to services and to the main buildings reveals the CCQ’s proactivity. New investments are planned for 2016 to improve accessibility to facilities.

To read the Plan d’action 2016 à l’égard des personnes handicapées (in French only), click here.