Sustainable Development Action Plan 2015–2020

May 9, 2016

Like all Québec government departments and agencies, the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) has made the commitment to sustainable development. An action plan for this purpose was adopted in February 2016 by the CCQ’s board of directors.

In addition to complying with the orientations of the Government Sustainable Development Strategy and the CCQ’s 2015–19 Strategic Plan, the action plan conveys the organization’s values: leadership, integrity, quality, and respect.

Innovation is at the core of the action plan in order to construct projects conveying this principle both in the organization’s internal processes and throughout the construction industry. The action plan is inspired by best practices for sustainable development and provides a better understanding of the extent of the organization’s responsibilities and the impact of its actions on the Québec economy.

Five general orientations guided the writing of the action plan:

  • To strengthen sustainable development governance in the public administration
  • To develop a prosperous and sustainable economy: green and responsible
  • To favour social inclusion and reduce social and economic inequalities
  • To improve the health of the population through prevention
  • To ensure sustainable development throughout the territory and support the dynamism of communities

The actions planned have environmental consequences, of course, but also economic, social, and cultural ones.

To find out more, download the CCQ’s Plan d’action de développement durable.