ccq.org gets some improvements

November 20, 2015

We’re pleased to introduce the new face of our website. This is the first phase of updating, in which we have improved certain functions and modernized the site’s image.

The content and the way you access it (the menus, for example) have not changed. Depending on your navigation profile (worker, employer, etc.), we present the information most pertinent to you. In addition, you can now use the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner to change your navigation profile on the fly, without having return to the splash page.

You may also notice that the search engine has been improved: the search results are clearer and easier to consult. Our users will be very happy with this change!

One of the CCQ’s priorities for the 2015–19 period is to improve the customer experience, among other things by smarter use of technology. The transformations that we are unveiling today are therefore the first in a series that will lead to a site that is easier to use and more accessible. Our objective is for ccq.org to reflect our organizational vision: a constructive presence in the construction industry.

Why not go take a look!