The CCQ’s 2015–19 Strategic Plan: A Constructive Presence

March 13, 2015

“The CCQ does what every good construction company does: it takes the time to look at its current position and to choose where it wants to go,” explains Diane Lemieux, the CCQ’s president and CEO. “In the construction world in 2015, a strategic plan is not a theoretical exercise, it’s mainly a way to make a realistic game plan taking account of resources, the means at hand, and our ambitions.”

In 2014, the CCQ conducted a process of reflection that involved all of the relevant actors: the employer and union associations as well as workers and employers, along with its staff and the general public, through surveys. The results are promising for the future of the industry and resonate with the expectations of Québec society.”

Today, the CCQ is publishing its reference document for the next five years.

Five priorities for deployment over five years

Five priorities have been identified in the 2015–19 Strategic Plan. The first three are directly linked to the accomplishment of the CCQ’s mission regarding its partners and clienteles. The other two, focused more on the organization, support the fulfilment of the plan as a whole.

Priorities 2015–19:

  • Act to increase compliance and improve norms and practices
  • Act for contributory parity and sound governance
  • Improve the client experience
  • Improve performance
  • Mobilize employees through engagement

Consult the CCQ’s Plan stratégique 2015-2019 to learn about the strategies that will be implemented.