Journal De l’école au chantier: A second issue available!

October 9, 2014

Today, the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) is launching the second issue of its magazine De l’école au chantier, a publication aimed at promoting the construction industry and its trades to young people in schools. Produced in collaboration with Septembre éditeur, this journal is an educational tool made available to the Québec school system.

Highlighting the industry’s actors

De l’école au chantier addresses the construction industry using a dynamic, human approach adapted to a young clientele. Through interviews and photographs, students, trainers, workers, and contractors share their passion for their trade, discuss the profile expected of workers, and talk about professional prospects. They also point out the many advantages of a career in the industry, such as good wages and constant upgrading activities offered free of charge.

The magazine was designed to complement the information publications offered by the CCQ, including the Careers in Construction booklet and educational toolkits (accessible in the Trades in the Construction Industry Promotion section under Publications).

Click here to read De l’école au chantier.

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Have a good read!