Industrial sector and institutional and commercial sector: wage rates now available on our website!

September 12, 2014

The new wage and contribution rates for the industrial sector and the institutional and commercial sector are now available in the “Salary Rates” section of the CCQ’s website. This change results from the new collective agreements for these sectors, which came into force on August 31, following the letter of agreement ratification. Important: these rates must be applied in the September monthly report.

Please note, however, that there is an error in the updated data. The rate for purchase of safety equipment for pipe welders (occupation 765) in the industrial sector (schedules B3, B6, and N1) should be $0.70 and not $0.65, as is currently indicated. This error will be corrected in coming days.

For all questions regarding the content of the letter of agreement, please contact your employer or union association.

Employee pension contribution

As agreed by the union and employer parties, the coming into effect of modifications made to the employee pension contribution is delayed to September 28 – that is, the first date for the October monthly report.

This contribution, previously established as a fixed amount, will now be determined for most of the trades as a percentage of the hourly wage, to which is added the allowance for obligatory annual vacations, statutory holidays, and sick leave. These modifications have been applicable in the residential sector and the civil engineering and roadwork sector since April 27.

We will notify you when the new employee pension contributions are available on our website.