Chapeau les filles 2013–14 competition

June 9, 2014

The CCQ congratulates two young women who are future construction workers for their perseverance and success

“This year’s winners deserve our full admiration,” declared Diane Lemieux, CEO of the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ), as two female students in the construction trades each received a $2,000 prize for winning their respective sections of the Chapeau, les filles! 2013–14 competition. “These two graduates have shown, through their courage and their passion for work well done, that women have a place in traditionally male trades.” The prizes were awarded by the CCQ to the winners during the Gala national that took place at the Québec National Assembly on June 9. The recipients are Aimie Néron – Diving, Institut maritime du Québec – winner of the “Construction Trades” section, and Suzanne Nguefack Momo – Electricity, École des métiers et occupations de l’industrie de la construction du Québec – winner of the “Construction Entrepreneur” section.

“The construction industry is, in a way, the last male bastion in Québec,” Ms. Lemieux added. “But the industry has committed itself to change. To do this, we must support women who wish to make a career in one of our trades or occupations – not only before they enrol at a vocational training centre, but also during their first years on construction sites.”

Although the volume of construction activity is no longer increasing, job prospects remain favourable for coming years. On the other hand, in 2013 women still represented barely 1.4% of the workforce in the industry governed by Act R-20. In 2014, the CCQ will institute a new program for women’s equal access to the construction industry, working closely with its employer and union partners, the different departments and agencies of the Government of Québec, and other organizations concerned with this issue. The objective will be to deploy updated, more aggressive and effective methods to improve the situation.

The CCQ is proud to be associated with the Chapeau, les filles! competition for an eleventh consecutive year. This year’s two winners are models for other women who may wish to access the industry but are hesitating due to the predominance of men in the sector. The best way for women to join the industry is to get solid training that will guarantee that they have the required skills.

Ms. Néron and Ms. Nguefack Momo, you have met huge challenges, and we tip our hats to you!

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Ms. Diane Lemieux, CEO of the Commission de la construction du Québec, presents two 
Chapeau, les filles! awards to Aimie Néron and Suzanne Nguefack Momo. 
Photo credit: Brigitte Thériault