Improvements to the Carnet référence construction

February 18, 2014

Since January 23, new functionalities and information have been available in the Carnet référence construction to make it easier to use. Here’s a summary of these changes.

For workers

By filling out the corresponding fields in their online profile, workers can now:

  • Ask to be contacted by e-mail or text message by employers interested in their services
  • List their certifications and additional training and specify their other work experience and skills, notably as group leader and/or supervisor/foreman

Workers may also consult a guide that will give them step-by-step assistance with filling out their online profile.

For employers

In addition to having access to the new information that workers may put in their profile, employers can now:

  • Conduct a search using the criterion of experience as group leader and/or foreman
  • Have access to optimized search results to find workers practising only one of the industry’s occupations, such as surveyor or labourer, masonry
  • Consult the source of their hirings from the list of their hiring and layoff notices, which displays data for the last 12 months
  • Obtain, when inputting a hiring notice for a later date, a prevalidation of workers’ compliance (the hiring confirmation number will be sent only on the working day preceding the date specified in the notice)

For permit holders

Permit holders may now ask to be informed only of workforce needs declarations concerning given regions and trades.

This first wave of improvements is the result of comments received from the industry since the launch of the Carnet last September.

So that the Carnet will continue to evolve and respond to the industry’s needs, please continue to share your comments with us by writing to us.

The Carnet by the numbers (January 31, 2014)

  • 23,209 filled out their Professional Profile (target of 25,500 = 88%)
  • 9,791 employers declared one or more worker needs via the Carnet
  • 1,437 declarations of need for workers are related to the civil engineering and roadwork sector (17%)
  • 16,876 lists of workers referred by permit holders to employers, for a total of 66,562 workers
  • 9,961 lists of workers referred by the CCQ for a total of 162,269 workers
  • 2,697 lists of workers referred are related to the civil engineering and roadwork sector (16%) for a total of 9,740 workers (15%)