Break Down of Marriage or Civil Union

Following the breakdown of a marriage or a civil union, the accrued benefits of an active or retired member in the construction industry pension plan may be divided with the spouse in compliance with Quebec's rules governing the division of family assets.

How do you find out the value of the accrued benefits in the pension plan?

The plan member, the member's spouse, or their legal representative must submit a written request to the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) by completing the Application regarding division of accrued benefits form, accompanied by the required documents; see the Family Patrimony leaflet for more information. A statement of the accrued benefits is returned within 60 days of receipt of the duly completed application. 

How do you apply for the division of the plan benefits?

Following a court judgment in the event of divorce or legal separation, annulment or dissolution of a civil union, an application for the division of pension benefits must be submitted to the CCQ in writing by completing the form Application regarding division of accrued benefits form and providing the required documents.

Fee for an application for a pension plan statement or for the division of plan benefits

The CCQ does not charge a fee to issue a statement or for execute the division of plan benefits.

Reinstatement of the retiree’s pension

If, at retirement, the retiree chose a pension with a 60% survivor option, and the spouse has lost the right to this benefit following marriage breakdown, the retiree’s pension may be redetermined with a 50% survivor option, or without a survivor option, as applicable. See the Family Patrimony leaflet for more information.

To find out more

The Family Patrimony leaflet gives more information on the steps required to obtain a statement or the division of accrued benefits in the member's pension plan.

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