Date of Payment

When is the pension payable?

The retirement pension is payable starting on the first day following the month in which the employee applies for retirement (if the form is duly signed and returned to the CCQ by the deadline). However, the first payment will be made at most three months after the CCQ receives the duly completed form accompanied by all required documents.


An employee applies for pension benefits on January 8, 2018; the pension is payable starting on the following February 1, the employee's date of retirement.

If he returns his Option Form, on February 20, 2018, the first payment is issued no later than May 1, 2018. The employee then receives four months of pension: February, March, April and May.

Thereafter, the pension is paid on the first day of the month. This payment covers the month ahead and not the month that has ended.

Retirees residing in Canada may have their pension deposited in their bank account. For this to happen, they must access the CCQ’s online services and register for automatic transfers under the “Direct deposit” tab. Retirees who do not have access to the Internet may obtain help with registration by contacting the CCQ’s Customer Services

The schedule of deposits gives the dates on which the pension is paid into bank accounts. When the first day of the month is a statutory holiday or a weekend day, the deposit is made on the preceding working day. However, the pension payable in January is never moved; it is always paid on January 1.

Month Deposit date
January January 1, 2018
February February 1, 2018
March March 1, 2018
April March 29, 2018
May May 1, 2018
June June 1, 2018
July June 28, 2018
August August 1, 2018
September August 31, 2018
October October 1, 2018
November November 1, 2018
December November 30, 2018
January 2019 January 1, 2019

Retirees who wish to have the pension deposited in an account in a different bank (for example, following a move) must access their file in the CCQ’s online services and change the bank information under the tab “Direct deposit.” Retirees who need help with making the changes or do not have Internet access must contact Customer Services.

Retirees who live outside of Canada or reside in Canada and are not registered for direct deposit will receive their pension cheque in the mail. The CCQ is not responsible for delays in mail delivery.

Retirees, or spouses receiving a pension, must advise the CCQ Customer Services of any change of address, whether pension payments are made by cheque or direct deposit.