Normal Retirement

Starting at age 65

The normal retirement date is the first day of the month following an employee’s 65th birthday. An employees who is 65 may apply for retirement no matter how many hours worked are recorded in the employee's file. The employee is then eligible for a normal pension.

Employees who retire after age 65 have the right to a postponed pension – that is, the pension is increased to reflect the fact that the employee has passed the normal retirement age. The exact amount of the increase is shown on the Application for Pension Benefit form.

Payment of the postponed pension must start no later than December 1 of the year in which the employee turns 71 years of age. If the employee has not yet applied for retirement, the CCQ will send a form to the employee's  last known address.

Employees who continue to work in the construction industry after age 65 no longer accumulate pension amounts in the pension plan.