Resolution mechanism

If a misunderstanding arises in the application of one of the collective agreements, the union and employer parties may make use of a resolution mechanism in the form of three committees:

  • The Comité de bonnes pratiques pour les secteurs Industriel et Institutionnel et Commercial (Good Practices Committee for the Industrial and Institutional and Commercial Sectors)
  • The Comité d'interprétation pour le secteur Résidentiel (Interpretation Committee for the Residential Sector)
  • The Comité de mésentente pour le secteur du Génie civil et Voirie (Misunderstandings Committee for the Civil Engineering and Roadwork Sector)

The goal of these committees is to find the correct interpretation and application or, if necessary, an avenue for a solution to be applied in the future collective agreement. Under these circumstances, the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) has the mandate of creating a unifying effect, and of supporting and facilitating the making of the decision that it will subsequently apply.