The Raiding rules

During the raiding period prescribed by Act R-20, the union associations have the right to solicit workers to join them during the next union vote.

Union raiding is legal. However, strict rules govern how union associations may solicit and advertise.

The Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) investigates every situation deemed noncompliant that is reported to it regarding advertising, solicitation, or acts of discrimination or intimidation that may arise during a union vote.

Restrictions on solicitation and advertising

All solicitation and advertising aimed at getting a worker to join a union association is forbidden outside of the raiding period.

During the raiding period, solicitation and advertising are permitted only if they are done outside of work hours and workplaces.

Any act of discrimination or intimidation is illegal and is not tolerated, regardless of the person who makes it: worker, employer, representative of a union or employer association, or anyone else.

How to submit a complaint

Anyone who has been subjected to intimidation or has witnessed an action that infringes on the rules for union raiding is asked to notify the CCQ:

  • By filling out the form provided for this purpose 
  • By calling us:
    • 1 844 736-6746 (toll-free),
    • 514 736-6746 (Montréal and region).

All complaints are transmitted to the CCQ’s Special Investigations Unit, which analyzes them and conducts the appropriate follow-up. All complaints received are treated confidentially.