How to vote

During a union vote, workers choose their union allegiance. To exercise their right to vote, workers must use the ballot sent to them by the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) by mail, and proceed as follows:

  1. Tick the choice of union association on the ballot in the space provided for this purpose.

  2. Sign the ballot.

  3. Include a photocopy of a piece of identification that is valid on the date that the voting period begins.

    The piece of identification must bear the worker’s name, photograph, and signature. Among the pieces accepted are the health insurance card, the driver’s licence, and the Canadian passport.

  4. Mail the ballot and the photocopy of the piece of identification in time for them to be received by the last day of the voting period.

    Workers must not forget to account for postal delays. The documents may not be taken to a CCQ regional office.

Reasons that a vote may be rejected

Here are some examples of anomalies that may cause a ballot to be rejected:

  • It was not received by the last day of the voting period
  • It has not been signed, or the signature does not correspond to the signature appearing on the photocopy of the piece of identification included with the ballot
  • It is not an official and original document supplied by the CCQ
  • It is not accompanied by a photocopy of a valid piece of identification
  • More than one choice or no choice is marked

If a ballot is rejected, the worker will be considered not to have voted. As a consequence, that worker will retain the union allegiance in effect at the time of the vote.