My insurance plan: I’m taking care of it!

Like most private insurance plans in Québec, MÉDIC Construction is facing heavy financial pressure related to increases in the price of medications (almost 40% in five years for MÉDIC).

In 2017, reimbursements paid out to insureds totalled $430 million, mainly in prescription drugs and dental care:

  • Prescription drugs: 53%
  • Dental care: 18%
  • General medical care: 18%
  • Salary and life insurance: 11%

Following recommendations made by external actuaries, the Construction Industry Social Benefits Committee (CISBC), composed of the industry’s employer and union associations, adopted modifications that will affect all plans offered by MÉDIC Construction starting January 1, 2019.

The CISBC will propose other measures in coming years to help correct the situation.

Right now, you can take some simple actions that, when added up, may make a difference to the plan’s financial health.

How you can help reduce the costs of the plan

  • Check your invoices at the pharmacy, the dentist, or the supplier of complementary services, to validate that all the medications or services were actually received, for the right amount, on the right date, and for the correct insureds. This way, if there are errors, you will be able to correct them right away.
  • Report any situation that seems suspect to the CCQ, at 1 888 842-8282.
  • Use only the medications and services that are medically required, judiciously and not abusively.
  • Quickly inform the CCQ of any change in your dependents by calling 1 888 842-8282, so that reimbursements are not made for a person who no longer has the right to your insurance coverage.
  • Ask your doctor if generic or biosimilar medications are available.
  • Send your claims for an accident or illness caused by your work to the CNESST and for vehicular accidents to the SAAQ, rather than using MÉDIC as first payer.
  • Call your Construire en santé program, at 1 800 807-2433, to find out about services offered and to receive advice and assistance.
  • Register for direct deposit for your reimbursement.

Video capsule - simple actions

Did you know that even though your employer pays for your insurance plan, the higher the amounts reimbursed by MÉDIC, the more income tax you will have to pay on your salary, as it is a taxable benefit? In addition, retirees will pay more for their insurance premiums.

Take care of your plan!

Report any situation that seems suspect to the CCQ’s Customer Services, at 1 888 842-8282.