New regulation

The Compensation Fund for Employees in the Construction Industry (CFECI) replaced the Fonds spécial d'indemnisation (FSI) starting on January 6, 2016.

Unlike the FSI, the CFEIC is not negotiated as part of the collective agreements. The CFEIC is subject to conditions set out in the Regulation Respecting the Compensation Fund for Employees in the Construction Industry.

Similar to the FSI, the CFEIC will be composed mainly of an employer contribution ($0.02 for each hour worked by the employer’s employees) and will be administered by the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ).

All of the money in the FSI has been transferred to the CFEIC.

What changes with CFEIC?

The worker’s responsibility: an obligation!
With CFEIC, each employee is responsible for his or her own compensation file. Therefore, to be eligible for the fund, employees must fill out and sign a salary complaint and file it with the CCQ with the required documents within the required deadline and then cooperate actively with the CCQ in order to settle the file.

Publication of company names
The names of companies (and of their administrators) whose employees have been compensated by CFEIC will automatically be published on the CCQ’s website (except when the employee was a prospective juror).

To avoid having the fund being used for fraudulent purposes, the names of companies will also be published in cases in which compensation was not paid if:

  • The employee knows that his or her employer did not declare him or her in the monthly report
  • The employee knowingly participated in a system of undeclared earnings
  • The employee worked in contravention of the law or any provision of a collective agreement

The publication of employers’ names serves the objective of ensuring greater transparency in the management of the compensation fund and enabling employees to obtain relevant information.