Payment of Dental Costs

Insured may use their MÉDIC Construction card to pay for dental care when they have this coverage. The card may also be used to pay dental costs for a dependent if this person is not covered for dental care by a plan other than MÉDIC Construction.

For the payment of basic dental care (diagnosis, prevention, minor treatments, endodontics and parodontics), the MÉDIC Construction card may be presented to a dentist participating in the direct payment program. The dentist then contacts the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) to determine the portion of the dental costs reimbursed directly by MÉDIC Construction; the insured pays only the difference.  

Major dental care is also covered by the direct payment plan; it must, however, be authorized by MÉDIC Construction before being paid for. The procedure is as follows:

  1. The insured must obtain from a dentist participating in the direct payment program a treatment plan (cost estimate) accompanied by relevant x-rays;
  2. The insured must send this treatment plan and x-rays to MÉDIC Construction for authorization;
  3. A confirmation is sent by letter from MÉDIC construction with its decision to accept or reject reimbursement of the procedure described in the treatment plan;
  4. If the treatment plan is accepted, the insured must show the MÉDIC Construction card to the dentist along with the letter authorizing reimbursement when the procedure described in the treatment plan is performed. The dentist then contacts MÉDIC Construction to find out the amount that the insured must pay (the dentist must supply the registration number on the authorization letter). It should be noted that the services billed by the dentist must be identical to those in the treatment plan authorized by MÉDIC Construction.

When dental care (basic or major) may not be paid with the MÉDIC Construction card, the Dental Claim Form duly filled out, must be sent to MÉDIC Construction. A claim form approved by the Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec may also be used; the insured (worker or retiree) must, however, write his or her social insurance number on this form.

It is important to note that certain insurance plans do not cover dental care. For insureds who have dental coverage, this is indicated on their MÉDIC Construction card.

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