Purchasing Medications

The use of the MÉDIC Construction card entails the substitution of certain prescribed medications by generic ones. This means that the pharmacist replaces the medication prescribed with another of equivalent effectiveness but at a lower cost.

If an insured refuses the pharmacist’s substitution of the medication, he or she cannot use the MÉDIC Construction card but must pay the total purchase cost and submit a claim to MÉDIC Construction by mail.

Some medications covered by the insurance plan may not be purchased with the MÉDIC Construction card, and certain pharmacists do not accept the MÉDIC Construction card.

In these cases, the insured must submit a claim using the form Health and professional care claim form and send it by mail to MÉDIC Construction.

When insureds use their MÉDIC Construction card to purchase medications, they pay only a part of the total cost, depending on the deductible and the co-insurance set out by their insurance plan . The pharmacist bills MÉDIC Construction for direct payment of the balance (certain plans cover the total cost of medications).

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