Declaration of Dependents

The dependents of an insured (worker or retiree) must be registered with the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) so that expenditures made in their name can be reimbursed.

The first time that workers are insured by MÉDIC Construction, they automatically receive the forms required to declare their dependents. Subsequently, insureds must inform the CCQ if they have a new spouse or new child. They must also notify of any change in status of their dependents. For example, if a dependent child gets married, that child is no longer covered by MÉDIC Construction. Similarly, following a break-up, the ex-spouse of the insured is no longer covered by MÉDIC Construction. If claims were paid for expenditures made after the coverage ended, the worker will have to reimburse them.

Workers must use the form Declaration of the Insured Employee’s Dependents to apply to the CCQ for recognition of their dependents. Supporting documents that must be supplied are indicated on the form.

Insureds must also declare if their spouse is covered by insurance other than MÉDIC Construction.

When the spouse of an insured is recognized, that person’s name is recorded on the insured’s MÉDIC Construction card. A card is also produced for the spouse. These cards are sent automatically by mail. No MÉDIC Construction card is produced for dependent children.

If a dependent’s file is being reviewed, the reimbursement of that dependent’s claims and use of the MÉDIC Construction card may be temporarily suspended until the supporting documents requested are received.

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