Voluntary Insurance

A member of the company may be insured voluntarily by paying the required premium to obtain coverage under plan A, if he or she meets the eligibility conditions.

However, this person may pay the premium only if:

  • He or she has not lost the right to participate in the insurance and pension plans;


  • His or her company is identified as an employer for the insurance period in question or was for one of the two preceding insurance periods.

NOTE: A person who does not meet this last condition does not lose the right to participate voluntarily in the social benefits plans but is not eligible for the period under consideration. The person becomes eligible again when his or her company is recognized as an employer in a subsequent period.

The premium corresponds to the cost of 750 hours plus applicable tax, plus administrative costs. The hours accumulated during the reference period and those in the hour reserve are used to lower the amount to pay.

Example: For the insurance period from July to December 2017, a member of the company eligible for payment of the premium has worked 100 hours during the reference period and has 50 hours in the hour reserve. During the reference period from September 2016 to February 2017, one insurance hour cost $2.10.
Premium (750 hours x $2.10/hour) $1575
Administrative costs + $ 103.21
Reference period hours (100 hours x $2.10/hour) - $210
Hour reserve hours (50 hours x $2.10/hour) - $105
Deduction of administrative costs for the 150 hours - $20.64
Amount to pay before tax = $1,342.57
Tax (9% x $1,342.57) + $120.83
Amount to pay to be insured under plan A = $1,463.40

In May and November, the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) sends eligible "members of the company" a notice of insurability indicating the amount of the premium to pay to benefit from coverage under general plan A for the following insurance period. Hours worked as an employee over the reference period, declared and paid to the CCQ, lower the amount to pay.

Some restrictions apply to certain types of insurance coverage. For example, no salary insurance benefits are payable for total disability resulting from a work-related accident or an occupational disease if the member of the company is not covered by the Act Respecting Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases when this accident or occupational disease occurs. Similarly, the member of the company is not entitled to salary insurance benefits for the first 16 weeks following the beginning of the disability if he or she is not covered by the Employment Insurance Act. If the disability began before January 1, 2017, benefits are not payable for the first 17 weeks.

Other exclusions apply.

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