Transmission modes

The Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) wants to make the obligation of sending the monthly report by the 15th of the month following the reporting period easier and to reduce both the amount of time required to meet this obligation and the number of errors. The CCQ therefore offers employers the choice of sending the monthly report by Internet in secure mode from a payroll software package, or by filling it out directly online with automatic validations or by telephone. Employers may, if they wish, fill out the form in a paper format.

By Internet

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Adapted to both large and small companies, the CCQ offers employers two ways to send their monthly report by Internet in a completely secure way, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for free. These online services are offered in a protected, secure mode; the employer uses accounting software or fills out the report directly online.

Using accounting software

A number of accounting software packages allow for the automatic creation of an electronic file containing all the necessary data. You may simply use the Transmission of monthly report service, which will transmit the report in a few seconds.

Completing the form online

The Monthly report data-entry form is particularly well adapted to small companies that do not use accounting software. This electronic version of the paper form now offers 100 lines of details. This service reduces the risk of errors by calculating and validating all of the data that the employer supplies. Some information even appears automatically on screen; filling out the form has never been so fast.

By telephone

Transmission of the monthly report by telephone is meant for companies that do not yet have access to our online form or to an adapted accounting software package and that declare 10 employees or fewer per month.

This service allows the employer to transmit basic data needed for production of the monthly report by voice on the phone. The CCQ agent informs the employer of the amount of the remittance. The employer then receives the monthly report by mail or fax.

Remittances must be paid at the latest by the 15th of each month by pre-authorized debit, electronic payment through a financial institution, or by cheque.

The monthly report by telephone service is offered Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. up to the 14th day of the month. 

  • Monthly report by telephone service (Montréal region): 514 798-0908
  • Monthly report by telephone service (outside Montréal): 1 888 798-0908
2018 schedule for monthly report by telephone service
January :
February :
March :
April :
May :
June :
8 to 12 
8 to 14
8 to 14
9 to 13
8 to 14
8 to 14
August :
September :
October :
November :
December :
9 to 13 
8 to 14
10 to 14
5 to 12
7 to 14
10 to 14

By mail

Click here to download the Reference Guide for Completing the Employer's Monthly Report.

The monthly report may also be sent by mail by filling out the form Employer's monthly report supplied by the CCQ. The employer must calculate the remittances and consult the updated rates and other information needed to fill out the report.


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