Accessing the construction industry

The Québec construction industry has adopted hiring criteria with which construction companies must comply. The main principle is competency, which must be acquired through training and work experience. To work in the construction industry, you must have a competency certificate. The two main paths to entry are:

25 trades and more than 30 occupations

The trades are defined by regulation and the occupations are defined within the construction industry’s collective agreements. Each trade and occupation corresponds to specific skills and interests and offers interesting prospects.

Advantageous working conditions that are hard to match

For young people looking for a job, joining the construction industry offers undeniable advantages. Find out about the trades with the most interesting prospects.

Finding a job

There are tools you can use to highlight your professional profile. Beyond that, the construction industry is like other sectors in that networking often makes all the difference.

Room for women in the industry

Women comprise 1.91% of the active workforce in the construction industry. A number of resources are available to encourage women to join and stay in the industry.


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