The CCQ would like to promote access to, integration with, and maintenance in employment for Aboriginal workers and contractors in the construction industry.

To do so, the CCQ has established certain objectives, including:

  • Forging and maintaining relations with Aboriginal communities, especially in the resource regions, where large-scale construction projects are underway or planned
  • Determining the nature of problems that are recurrent and specific to Aboriginals with regard to the regulations in the construction industry
  • Finding short- and long-term solutions to accommodate Aboriginals individually and collectively (communities, nations, etc.)

The Commission de la Construction du Québec (CCQ) takes various actions to encourage the inclusion of Aboriginals in the construction industry:

  • The CCQ offers special qualification and upgrading measures for Aboriginal workers in the context of major economic development projects situated on or near Aboriginal lands. These measures are intended to promote the hiring and development of the Aboriginal workforce.
  • In collaboration with the Aboriginal human resources development agencies and Aboriginal employers, the CCQ organizes various upgrading activities that may be offered directly to Aboriginal communities.
  • The CCQ offers individualized guidance services to support Aboriginals who wish to have their work experience recognized in order to join the industry, as well as Aboriginals making specific requests to the CCQ with regard to their Indian status.
  • Two liaison officers from the CCQ offer further support to Cree and Innu communities with regard to the major work sites underway in their respective territories.
  • The CCQ offers information sessions adapted to the needs of band councils, Aboriginal workers, and Aboriginal employers. The CCQ also participates in job fairs and career days organized by Aboriginal communities by hosting booths and offering workshops.
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