Consult the state of the labour pools

The labour pools will be closed for the construction vacations, starting July 20, 2018.

Information on the state of the labour pools will be available once again starting Tuesday August 07, 2017.

Thank you and have a good holiday!

With the tool below, you can find out the state of a labour pool for a region and for a trade or occupation.

To view the state of the labour pools in Nunavik, click here.


Vous pouvez aussi consulter l’état de l’ensemble des bassins de main-d’oeuvre.

Explanation of the results

Pool open This means that there is a shortage – that is, the pool is open because under 5% of the available workers hold a competency certificate for the concerned region and trade/occupation. Only employers guaranteeing 150 hours of work to a person over three months may reserve a place when the pool is open.

Pool at under 10% The pool is currently closed. This information is shared so that interested people may prepare for a future opening of the pool.

Pool at 30% The pool is currently closed. However, an access measure for women is offered when the pool is at 30% or under. Under this measure, a woman may enter the industry if an employer guarantees her 150 hours of work over three months.

Alerte pénurie

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