Recognition of work experience

Relevant work experience acquired outside of Québec may be useful to you in terms of shortening the duration of your apprenticeship in a trade or occupation. It may also enable you to accede directly to the provincial qualification examination.

Your certificates of experience outside of Quebec must identify clearly :

  • Your name and the company name, address, and telephone number of your employer;
  • Title of your trade and your specialty if applicable;
  • Tasks performed and sectors;
  • Employment periods and the total of hours worked per year.

Certificates must be signed by a company officer and indicate his or her position.

In order to validate the employer’s letters, one of the following proofs of number of hours worked for each period indicated in the letters must be supplied:

  • Income-tax form;
  • Pay slip;
  • Any other proof of remuneration;
  • Photocopy of the apprenticeship record book from outside of Québec, if applicable.

Please provide photocopies of these supporting documents. Original documents will not be returned.

After receiving the proof of your paid hours of work, the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) will convert the relevant experience acquired outside of Québec into apprenticeship hour credits. If the hour credits are equivalent to the total duration of the apprenticeship required for the trade referred to, you may be eligible to take the provincial qualification examination in this trade. If not, you must meet the requirements regarding issuance of a competency certificate-apprentice (CCA). The CCQ will let you know its decision with a letter of eligibility or rejection for the qualification examination.