Hour credits

Hour credits may be paid into an apprentice’s apprenticeship record book when he or she completes a training activity that is relevant to the apprenticeship in his or her trade. Obtaining these hour credits is conditional on completing the training activity. The apprentice must then contact Customer Services of the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ), so that the credit to which he or she has the right is paid into the record book.

A maximum number of apprenticeship hour credits per person has been set for each trade.

Trade Apprenticeship credits (DEP) Apprenticeship credits (maximum)
Boiler maker 1,290 1,500
Bricklayer-mason  900 1,500
Carpenter-joiner 1,350 1,500
Cement finisher 900 1,200
Crane operator 870 1,200
Electrician* 1,800 2,100
Elevator mechanic 1,800 1,800
Erector mechanic (glazier) 1,350 1,500
Fire-protection mechanic  900 1,800
Heavy equipment mechanic  1,500 1,500
Heavy equipment operator 855 900
Insulator 900 1,500
Interior systems installer 735 1,500
Ironworker 1230 1500
Millwright 1,800 1,800
Painter 900 1,500
Pipe fitter 1,680 1,800
Plasterer 810 1,500
Refrigeration mechanic 1,800 1,800
Reinforcing steel erector 735 900
Resilient flooring layer  900 1500
Roofer 630 1200
Shovel operator 585 900
Tile setter 690 1,500
Tinsmith 1,800 1,800

If the holder of an apprentice electrician competency certificate has a DEP in construction electricity and obtains an Attestation of Collegial Studies (ACS - in French, AEC) or a Diploma of Collegial Studies (DCS - in French, DEC) recognized by or related to the trade, the maximum apprenticeship credit that may be applied is 2,400 hours.

Some people who do not meet the above conditions regarding hours worked may be eligible for activities if their participation ensures that the course will take place. However, they will not receive any financial support. It should be noted that no financial support will be given to holders of a competency certificate-occupation (CCO) required to take the course Situation au regard des organismes de l'industrie de la construction.

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