Online Telescoping Lift Truck

The CCQ has developed a “blended education” version of the Telescoping Lift Truck course in which the theoretical section is taken online and the practical section in a vocational training centre.

The theoretical section, which lasts 2 hours, is always available on the Web. It may even be completed in several steps if necessary. Once it is completed, participants will simply have to complete the practical section of the course, which lasts just one day. This reorganization reduces the duration of training and the need to travel for participants.

This version of the course will be available in late March 2015. Participants will have 3 weeks to complete the theoretical section online before they take the practical section. Once the online training has been assessed, participants will be notified to attend the practical section in a vocational training centre.

Assessment of the online training must be completed within one month. However, the Web content of the course remains accessible to participants for review until they take the practical section of the course.


For the online section of the Telescoping Lift Truck course, participants will receive a financial incentive of $25. For the practical section, participants will receive incentives corresponding to their situation.

Participants must pass both sections to obtain their Attestation of Vocational Training proving that they have passed the course.

It should be noted that participants cannot register for this course if they have already taken the Telescoping Lift Truck course.

Technical requirements

Operating systems supported: Windows XP+, OSX 10.3+, IOS 7+, Android 4.0+
Processor and RAM: Intel Core2 Duo or equivalent, 2 Gb or more RAM
Display: 1024 x 768 (minimum resolution) colour display, 16 or 32 bits
Browsers supported: Internet Explorer (IE7 or higher), Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
Other software: Flash Player 10,3+, Adobe Reader or equivalent (for attachments)
Sound: Each post must have a sound card. Speakers or headphones must be available.
Download speed: 4mb+/s
Tablet: IOS 7+, Android 4.0+


The simplest way to register for the Nacelle aérienne et plateforme élévatrice course is to use our online services. It is also possible to register using the Info-perfectionnement line at 1 888 902-2222 or by sending us the registration form, duly filled out, by mail.

To access your training

Participants who are already registered and have received their notification to attend by mail may begin their training at formationenligne.ccq.org