Certification of Water System Workers

Since December 1, 2005, under the Regulation Respecting the Quality of Drinking Water, all individuals performing or supervising work on a drinking water distribution system must hold or be in the presence of a person with the specific competencies required by the regulation. In the construction industry, these involve tasks related to the installation, repair, and replacement of water system pipes (or related equipment), disinfection of aqueduct pipes, and collecting water samples following a disinfection operation.

Workers in the construction industry may comply with the Regulation Respecting the Quality of Drinking Water in three different ways:

  • Hold a diploma in one of the 24 study programs recognized by the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MDDELCC) or one of the diplomas, certificates, or attestations issued elsewhere in Canada or in France recognized by the MDDELCC. Consult MDDELCC to find the list of recognized programs and EnviroCompétences to find out the academic prerequisites.


  • Pass a program recognized by Emploi-Québec for qualification of drinking-water operators. Consult the Emploi-Québec Guide de la qualification professionnelle for installations for collection, treatment, and distribution of drinking water.


Hold Water System Worker certification.